Hohner Airboard Jr 25-Key Melodica in Limited Design

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Hohner Airboard Jr 25-Key Melodica in Limited Design, Includes Padded Case, Stickers & Song Book

The Hohner Kids Airboard Jr. has a 25 note keyboard with cool style, looks great and is easy to play. With minimum breath control you can make it sound like a harmonica that plays like a piano. Includes padded carrying case, colour note placement stickers, and song/instruction book.

Sounds Great! No batteries, wires, or computers needed.
Play it loud or soft.
25 note keyboard teaches piano fingering.
Fun portable way to have music fun.
Cool style will appeal to kids, looks great, and comes with a padded carrying case, color stickers, and song instruction book.

Melodicas from the market leader.
Handy, elegantly proportioned instruments with a sound of their own, Hohner melodicas have enjoyed great popularity for nearly 50 years. Contemporary musical educators have long recognized the advantages of the melodica, both in private lessons and in classes, and have achieved excellent results with the instrument. In recognition of this fact, our engineers work closely with trained teachers in order to incorporate their knowledge and suggestions into up-to-date designs.

As the market leader, with 150 years of tradition and the know-how that comes with it, you can trust us to create top instruments for everyday use, in schools and for leisure purposes.

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