Dsl Banjo Strap Banjo Tan/Beige 2.5" Leather

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The DSL Banjo Strap has been designed from the ground-up to be the most comfortable, flexible and durable banjo strap ever made. Much consideration was given to the physical weight and unique balance issues related to banjos, resulting in the use of a special padding and tail system.
Each strap features special density 15mm padding that runs the complete length of the strap, from the tail-to-tail adjustment. The strap is secured to the banjo using special-width interweaving tails that thread through the head lugs and are joined together with a high quality string.
The DSL Banjo Strap is handmade in Australia from hand-sourced highest quality leather. The top of each strap is made from tough but supple medium weight leather, while the backing extra soft and comfortable fullgrain garment quality leather. The strap body is also double stitched for extra strength.
Supplied in 2.5 inch width as standard.

Handmade in Australia
Highest quality genuine leather
Double stitched for strength
Top is tough but supple medium weight leather
Backing is top-quality full grain garment quality leather
Fully padded from weave adjustment to strap pin hole
Back colour: Beige
Specially designed dual leather tails interweave head lugs and tie together under the body for maximum strength and stability using attached string
Classic tough interweave tail for further strap length adjustment

Material: Leather

Width: 2.5"

Top Leather Colour: Tan

Back Leather Colour: Brown