Waldorf STVC String Synthesizer and Vocoder

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Waldorf STVC String Synthesizer and Vocoder, 49-key String Synthesizer with 2 Sound Engines, Vocoder, and Onboard Effects.

The Streichfett Keyboard

The Waldorf Streichfett Keyboard (STVC) is a string synthesizer and vocoder based on the company’s popular Streichfett String Synthesizer. The STVC starts with the String Synth's unique vintage-flavored strings, and adds a smooth-playing aftertouch-enabled 49-note keybed and a bevy of new features that take the Streichfett engine to new levels of sound and performance potential. The STVC is equipped with pitch bend and mod wheels in an all-metal chassis with an OLED display, which lets you easily access the 126 programmable patches in three banks. In addition to the engine enhancements, the STVC adds a new Vocoder function that features outstanding speech intelligibility, a freeze mode, a fully polyphonic carrier, and gender modification.

Next-gen String Machine

Back in the late '70s, synthesists desperately tried replicating strings, failed miserably, and came up with many of the most iconic synth sounds of all time. The Waldorf Streichfett Keyboard delivers this same kind of sound in a way few of us at Industrie Music have seen in decades, and it's absolutely astonishing. From solo sounds to massive layered ensembles, the STVC gives you an impressive range of tone and character, while onboard effects give you unlimited freedom to explore your creativity. And with both MIDI and USB connectivity, integrating a Waldorf Streichfett into your rig is a piece of cake.

Build a rich and lush sound bed with the Strings section

Smoothly morph through a set of five sound styles as well as a combination of voices with the use of a single knob in the String section, one of two sound engines onboard the Waldorf Streichfett Keyboard. It's amazing how broad the STVC's range is with just this single control, and yet you can further define the sound by adjusting the Crescendo (attack) and Release knobs, and a dedicated Ensemble control lets you add incredible dimension to the sound by running it through either a string machine effect, a chorus effect, or both. All told, the Strings section is one of the most powerful yet totally intuitive synthesizers you're likely to ever play.

Add definition to your program with the Solo section

On the Solo side of the STVC, you'll find another continuously variable tone control that lets you morph between five classic synth voices, allowing you to create leads, basses, or other more defined sounds. A 1-knob tremolo control lets you add energy into the solo sound, and a set of envelope controls lets you set the attack and release plus two decay/sustain options, so you can dial in a range from fast and percussive to long and languishing tones. One of the things Sweetwater synth mavens find particularly cool about the STVC's Solo section is the Split control, which lets you define any key as either the high or low cutoff for the Solo tone, allowing you to get two separate instruments when you play.

Get crazy and creative with the Effects section

The STVC's Effects section may look simple, but Waldorf certainly didn't scrimp on the sound-enhancing mojo. There are three effects settings, Animate, Phaser, and Reverb, plus a single knob to control the intensity of the effect. The Animate effect adds an LFO modulation to the Strings section's Registration control, shifting the character of the base sound faster and more dramatically as you push the Depth knob. The Phaser setting works the same way, increasing the feedback, depth, and rate with a single control to add anything from a subtle shimmer to pure insanity to your sound. Lastly, there's a lush reverb onboard to add dimension to your tone. And to top it all off, the Memory section next door gives you 12 slots to save your favorite sounds.

Waldorf STVC 49-key String Synth Features:

  • Fully polyphonic synth with a world of classic synth strings and more
  • Smooth-playing, velocity-sensitive, aftertouch-enabled 49-note keybed
  • Vocoder function features outstanding speech intelligibility, freeze mode, fully polyphonic carrier, and gender modification
  • Blend between two sound engines to create anything from edgy solo voices to rich ensembles
  • The Strings section lets you create wide and full string section sounds
  • The Solo section lets you add a separate lead or bass sound to the mix in a layer or split
  • Enhance your sound with one of three cool onboard effects (in addition to tremolo on the Solo voice)
  • Save your favorite sounds in 12 memory slots
  • USB and MIDI connectivity provides ample integration options
Keyboard Synthesizer with Vocoder
Sound Engine:
Streichfett engine
Number of Keys:
Type of Keys:
Synth Action
Velocity Sensitive:
Other Controllers:
Pitchbend, Mod wheel
16 Notes
Effects Types:
Animate, Ensemble/Chorus, Phaser, Reverb
Audio Inputs:
1 x XLR (vocoder mic)
Audio Outputs:
2 x 1/4" (main)
1 x 1/8"
1 x Type B
Pedal Inputs:
2 x 1/4" (expression, damper)
Power Source:
USB powered
Manufacturer Part Number: