Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Synthesizer Workstation

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Portable Synthesizer Workstation

Professional musicians, recording artists, and sound designers in search of a highly portable music making device will be thrilled with the teenage engineering OP-1 Field, the latest flagship instrument that builds upon the success of the original OP-1 with over 100 enhancements, refinements, and upgrades. The aluminum body has been lowered around the keyboard and feels thinner, lighter, and more precise. There's also a 2.4 GHz antenna system that's been fitted inside, and the rear panel now has a plastic cover with two soft Velcro rings for fastening to covers and other accessories.

The OP-1 Field is now stereo throughout its entire signal chain and includes Bluetooth MIDI, USB-C, and an updated speaker system with a passive driver for detailed, fat, and loud sound. The battery has been expanded to 24-hours of continuous use, while the system engine offers multiple tapes and recording formats including Studio 4-Track, Vintage 4-Track, Porta, and Disc Mini. You'll love the new reverb effect and the Dimension synth engine. A flush, all-glass, high-resolution display is easier to read with all new graphics. The unit can also broadcast over FM for even more flexibility.

Firmware Update 1.4.2

  • New vocoder synth engine
  • Start armed tape recording on external MIDI
  • MTP allows AIFF and AIFC files for patches



With the vocoder active, press mic to select the input source. this is the input for the voice, the modulator, and you can use any input source, such as the built-in microphone, a headset or even the radio or usb. after you've selected your input source, speak and play notes on the musical keyboard. you should now hear your OP–1 field burst into beautiful singing.

In the OP–1 field vocoder, the audio input (the modulator/your voice) is passed through a bank of 20 filters with controllable bandwidth and formant shift. The carrier signal is built-in: a custom 7-oscillator polyphonic synth that goes from a single sawtooth to pure white noise. Everything is fully real-time and modulate-able. The controls at your hand are as follows:

  • Blue: One knob synth engine
  • Ochre: Formant shift
  • Gray: Number of bands
  • Orange: Controls the dry/wet mix


  • All new low-profile aluminum body
  • High-resolution flush display
  • Internal FM antenna for both RX and TX
  • Eight swappable tapes for recording
  • Four different tape styles
  • All-new drum-kit packs
  • New Reverb Effect: Mother
  • New Synth Engine: Dimension
  • New speaker with passive radiator
  • MFi/iPhone USB MIDI and audio connectivity
  • Battery life increased to 24 hours
  • Slimmer and sleeker profile
  • New color scheme
  • Dual Velcro back fasteners
  • Twenty new preset synth patches
  • Zoomed in sample editing
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless MIDI
  • Pro quality 32-bit audio throughout the signal chain
  • Stereo mixdown from synth and drum to stereo tape tracks
  • Stereo drum sampler engine
  • Improved drum envelope for better transient control
  • Drum sample stacking
  • Stereo audio input processing
  • Improved tape looping
  • Stereo synth sampler engine
  • Over 160 minutes of sample storage
  • 4-pole audio jack for headset mic support
  • Configurable MIDI filtering
  • New volume setting per patch
  • Afterburner ground-loop noise suppressor
  • Built-in user guide
  • Dual BLE antennas for stable wireless performance
  • New and improved built-in microphone
  • Added encoder click functionality
  • Tape name editor
  • New external velocity LFO
  • New range of custom accessories
  • Up to 500 user patches
  • Adjustable pitch bend range
  • Automatic headphone impedance adjustment
  • BLE advertising toggle
  • BLE central for connecting controllers
  • BLE connection list view
  • Built-in FM radio transmission
  • Charge power status LEDs
  • Click-to-hold sequencer
  • Completely reworked user interface
  • Custom MIDI settings for connected devices
  • Custom volume encoder with higher resolution
  • Detailed country settings for radio
  • Dual role USB Type-C connector
  • Ergonomic power switch
  • Ultrafidelity headphone output
  • High-resolution accelerometer
  • Improved averaging for a more reliable tap tempo
  • Improved equalizer with higher resolution and smoother interpolation
  • Improved input signal to LFO with smoother envelope
  • Adjustable MIDI filtering
  • Refined original patches
  • Increase to 256MB internal memory
  • Improved envelope follow in Nitro effect
  • More random LFO target parameters
  • Increased tombola simulation accuracy
  • MTP content management
  • New custom USB cable
  • New factory sequencer presets
  • New font
  • New form factor
  • New high resolution VU LED meter
  • New hold sequencer
  • New keyboard module
  • Improved line in signal quality
  • New metronome sound
  • New packaging
  • New pan LFO target
  • New sawtooth and square LFO shapes
  • New sketch image
  • OB-4 compatible using FM, TX, or wire
  • Pop-up info graphics
  • Precise master level meters
  • Printed manual included
  • QR code guide link
  • Refined acoustic side shooting loudspeaker grill
  • Save tempo and sync settings with tapes
  • Screen brightness control
  • Smooth knob interpolation
  • Stereo cluster synth engine
  • Stereo digital synth engine
  • Stereo FM synth engine
  • Stereo phase synth engine
  • Stereo pulse synth engine
  • Stereo string synth engine
  • Stereo tape tracks
  • Stereo voltage synth engine
  • System settings
  • USB audio host
  • USB audio/MIDI direct connectivity to OP-Z, TX–6, OP–1 and compatible devices
  • USB MIDI host
  • User patch rename
  • Wireless MIDI connectivity to OP-Z and TX–6
Line In/Out:
Input: 1/8" / 3.5 mm ; Output: 1/8" / 3.5 mm with Headset Microphone Support
Built-In Microphone
Input Impedance:
13 Kilohms
Analog Gain Range:
0 to 31 dB
Maximum Level:
Input and Output: 8 dBu, 2 Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR):
Input: 98 dBA (Typical) ; Output: 124 dBA (Typical)
Motion Sensor:
3-Axis Accelerometer (G-Force) Assignable to any Synth, Envelope, Effect Parameter, or to Pitch
FM Radio Receiver and Transmitter
High-Resolution Custom Color LCD
4 High-Resolution Encoders
Battery Integrated Rechargeable Battery 24-Hour Battery Life Charging via USB Port
Not Specified by Manufacturer
Not Specified by Manufacturer
Package Weight:
1.79 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH):
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 14 x 4.9 x 1.5"
Line In/Out:
Input: 1/8" / 3.5 mm Output: 1/8" / 3.5 mm with Headset Microphone Support