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Soundbrenner Core Musician's Smartwatch, Musician's Smartwatch with 20-400BPM Tap Metronome, 26-416Hz Headstock Tuner, dB Meter, and Accessories - Polycarbonate/Aluminum with Silicone Strap

3 Essential Music Tools in a Stylish Touch Smartwatch

The Soundbrenner Core places a studio's worth of music tools — a tap-tempo haptic metronome, a contact headstock tuner, and a dB meter/alarm — all on your wrist in a stylish 3-day smartwatch. This means whether you're out enjoying a concert with friends or performing onstage at Carnegie Hall, the Soundbrenner Core keeps your ears and performances safe from excessive volume and sloppy timing and tuning. The Soundbrenner Core is fun to use and intuitive to dial in: tap or twist in BPM and meter information to feel a powerful pulse on your wrist or anywhere on your body. The module detaches from the band and adheres magnetically to your guitar or bass headstock for quick tune-ups at practice. Of course, the Soundbrenner Core is also an everyday smartwatch, so taking calls, receiving texts from bandmates, and setting wake-up alarms without pulling out your phone come as standard issue. As with the Soundbrenner Pulse, optional accessories allow you to customize your Core Smartwatch for a personalized look and tactile response.

The Soundbrenner Core is a:
Vibrating Metronome

Tactile metronome with multiplayer sync

Practicing to a metronome is foundational to understanding rhythm and developing one's inner musician. It's also a core part of the modern recording process. The Soundbrenner Core's pulse-driven metronome is a tactile alternative to audible metronomes and click tracks, enabling live performers and session players to stay keyed in to their environment without losing time. Multiplayer sync over Bluetooth (up to 5 devices) tightens up technical ensemble arrangements. And two included bands give each user the option to wear the Soundbrenner Core on the wrist or around the ankle, bicep, or chest.

Packing good vibrations

The Soundbrenner Core's tactile metronome is driven by a large 7G ERM motor and cutting-edge haptic driver, able to deliver a pulse that is 7x more powerful than that of the average smartphone or smartwatch. Whether you're conducting, strumming, or drumming, the Core's powerful vibrations translate to rock-solid timing onstage or in the studio — and unlike a click track in your ears, there's no risk to your hearing.

Full tempo/meter control from your wrist

What's particularly inviting about the Soundbrenner Core is that all metronome functions are accessible directly from the hardware. Double-tap to start and stop the pulse, triple-tap to activate tap tempo, then make precise tempo adjustments by spinning the outer wheel left and right. Of course, you've also got seamless integration with Soundbrenner's world-class Metronome app (over 4M downloads!) for preset management and more.

Magnetic Contact Tuner

Rock-solid tuning in any environment

Ever tried to tune up with a mic-based tuner in the middle of band practice? It's impossible. Not so with the Core's chromatic contact tuner. Its piezo contact element senses only the vibrations coming off your guitar or bass. Just twist out of the Rig, clip onto your axe, tune up, and return in seconds. A bright OLED display with 8-sector LED ring makes it easy to stay pitch perfect, even in dim lighting.

Connects magnetically

If you've got ferrous metal anywhere on your instrument (tuning machines, steel plating), the magnetic Soundbrenner Core connects directly to your instrument via its powerful neodymium magnets without mods. And if not, no problem — the Core includes a finish-safe adhesive magnet mount that sticks safely to your headstock or anywhere else out of the way.

Decibel Meter

Keeps your ears safe

Ever wonder how loud "too loud" really is? With the Soundbrenner Core on your wrist, there's no guesswork involved. An integrated dB meter constantly monitors sound levels like a silent sentinel and alarms you when you exceed safe-listening thresholds. The Core also shows you how much time you can spend at certain loudnesses before you exceed safe guidelines. An included pair of earplugs in a stylish black anodized aluminum keychain case means you've always got an out when ambient music levels (concerts, drum ensembles) get out of hand.

Better mixing and monitoring

The Core's onboard dB meter can even yield better mixes in the studio. As Fletcher and Munson have observed, frequencies are at their flattest at around 85dB. The Core is great for keeping your monitoring level — real-time and 5-minute averages — within a predetermined threshold.

Call/Time/Text Smartwatch

Lightspeed information

If you're already a smartwatch user, you already know how useful it is to view time, date, and notifications at the flick of a wrist. The Soundbrenner Core pairs with your smartphone to keep you up to the minute on crucial band and life updates, even in the middle of a performance. An update slated for 2020 will even let you accept and decline calls directly from the Soundbrenner Core.

Lightweight, durable design

The Core's two designs — the polycarbonate/aluminum Core and stainless steel Core Steel — are constructed for their light wear weight and durability to stand up to a musician's hectic lifestyle. Both models are IP65 water/weather-resistant, so loading in gear in the rain or snow is never a problem. Soundbrenner's stylish straps are built with this same quality in mind and come in several option colors/styles to complement your personality.

3+ days of battery life

Even with moderate use, the Soundbrenner Core is rated to give you several days of performance between charges. Industrie Music testers reported 5+ days of battery life as a standard raise-to-wake smartwatch and 3+ days using the metronome for 30 minutes a day.

Soundbrenner Core Smartwatch Features:

  • Three essential music tools in a stylish app-driven smartwatch
  • Combines a powerful tactile tap-tempo metronome with a magnetic headstock tuner and a real-time/average decibel meter
  • Crisp OLED display with 8-LED outer ring
  • Durable IP65 polycarbonate/aluminum construction
  • Rugged mineral glass screen
  • Raise-to-wake function
  • Fetch notifications, set timers, and accept/reject calls (coming in 2020) directly from the watch
  • Tempo sync over Bluetooth — works across Core and Pulse models
  • 20–400 BPM tempo adjustment
  • 410–480Hz A4 reference pitch with ±1-cent accuracy
  • Battery life: 5 days (smartwatch only), 3 days (smartwatch + metronome 30min/day), 3 hours (constant metronome)
  • Includes a silicone watch strap, a bodystrap, earplugs with case, a charger cable, and a magnetic tuner mount
Wearable Vibrating Metronome
Contact Tuner
20-400 bpm, Time Signature, Subdivisions, Multiplayer Bluetooth Sync, Tap Tempo, DAW BPM Sync
Other I/O:
Decibel SPL Meter, Smartphone Notifications
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable Battery
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