Progressive Guitar Method 2 Book/CD

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Progressive Guitar Method 2 Book/CD

Progressive Guitar Method Book 2 builds upon the foundation laid in Book 1 and offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guitar tutorial that equips learners with everything they need to continue their journey toward becoming skilled guitar players.

This lesson-by-lesson guide is suitable for guitar enthusiasts of all ages, whether they play acoustic or electric guitars. It assumes a basic understanding of reading music and playing the guitar, making it an ideal resource for self-guided learning.

The book includes instructions on accessing complimentary online videos and audio resources, which demonstrate all the examples covered.

Key topics covered in this book include:

- Chords with bass note picking
- Basic guitar chord shapes and rhythm guitar strumming notation
- Guitar notes and scales for lead guitar solos and pieces
- Essential guitar techniques, including alternate picking and arpeggios
- Guitar theory for beginners, facilitating the reading of guitar music
- Helpful tips and tricks for guitar players at any level
- Strategies for efficient and productive guitar practice sessions

The book provides a comprehensive understanding of guitar playing and contains everything needed to embark on the guitar learning journey. Notable features of this book include:

- Progressive, step-by-step guitar lessons written by a professional guitar teacher
- Full-color photos and diagrams
- Easy-to-read guitar music notation and chord charts
- A guitar chord chart encompassing formulas and diagrams for important chords
- 117 guitar exercises, chord progressions, solos, and popular songs in various styles such as folk, blues, and rock

With its comprehensive content and user-friendly approach, Progressive Guitar Method Book 2 empowers learners to continue their guitar learning and playing with confidence.