On Stage Stereo Mic Attachment Bar holds up to 3 Mics

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On Stage Stereo Mic Attachment Bar holds up to 3 Mics

Introducing the OSMY500, the perfect solution for various microphone applications in both live performances and studio recording sessions. This versatile microphone accessory is designed to excel in any setting.

With its universal compatibility, the OSMY500 effortlessly fits most standard stands, booms, and mic clips. This ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect sound without worrying about compatibility issues.

Equipped with durable brass 5/8" - 27" insert threads, the OSMY500 guarantees a secure and stable connection between your microphone and the stand. This robust construction ensures that your microphone remains firmly in place, providing stability and peace of mind throughout your recording or performance.

Whether you're a professional musician, a recording engineer, or a content creator, the OSMY500 is a reliable companion that enhances your microphone setup. Experience the convenience and versatility of this exceptional accessory, and elevate your audio recording capabilities to new heights.