On Stage Multi-Use Utility Tray fits on any Onstage X-Style Keyboard Stand

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On Stage Multi-Use Utility Tray fits on any Onstage X-Style Keyboard Stand, Never Go On Stage Without Us!

If you're looking for more workspace around your studio or on stage, consider the versatile KSA7100! This handy accessory can be mounted to any On-Stage X-Style keyboard stand, creating a spacious 28” x 14.5” table top that's perfect for all sorts of gear. Whether you need to set up mixers, turntables, drum machines, computers, lighting controllers, monitors, or anything else at working height, the KSA7100 has got you covered. It can even double as a trap stand for percussion instruments.

Thanks to its adjustable bottom-mounted brackets, the KSA7100 can accommodate the height and width settings of your keyboard stand. This means you can easily add a full-size utility tray to your setup without any hassle.

Here are the product specifications for the KSA7100:
- Fits any On-Stage X-Style keyboard
- Brackets adjust to arm spreads between 11¾" and 22¾"
- Tray dimensions: 28” x 14.5”
- Great for lighting boards/controllers, DJ turntables, MIDI controllers, desktop synths, FX units, drum machines, mixers/mixing boards, equipment racks, monitor speakers, laptops, percussion instruments (xylophone, shakers, bells, cowbells, etc.), and more.
- Comes with 2 EVA strips for slip-free equipment placement
- Weight capacity: 100lbs. (Do not exceed the weight capacity of the supporting stand!)

Upgrade your workspace with the KSA7100 and enjoy a more efficient and organized setup!