Music Nomad String Fuel Refill Bottle - 15ml

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Music Nomad String Fuel Refill Bottle - 15ml, Designed to Refuel the MN109 String Fuel Applicator

This bottle is perfect for refilling your String Fuel Applicator (which you can purchase separately).

Our String Fuel is made up of a special blend of naturally occurring oils and top-quality mineral oils, resulting in a string cleaner and lubricant that is unparalleled.

With our unique formula, you can both clean and protect your strings, ensuring they last longer and sound better. Additionally, the String Fuel reduces finger noise and increases the speed at which you can slide your fingers, without any silicone.

It even conditions unfinished fretboard wood! This refill bottle can refuel your String Fuel Applicator at least twice, and thanks to the specially designed dropper, refilling has never been easier.