Music Nomad Premium Fretboard Grip Guards - 3 Pack

Music Nomad
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Music Nomad Premium Fretboard Grip Guards - 3 Pack, Works on any String Instrument.

If you're looking for an easier way to polish your frets and do other fret work, Music Nomad has a solution that you might be interested in. They've come up with a set of premium fretboard guards that are made using a high precision process. These guards are made from high quality stainless steel material that's nonmagnetic, corrosion resistant and heat resistant. The special curved angle of the guards contours to all fretboards, making any fret job easier, quicker, and keeps your fingers from getting in the way.

The set of 3 GRIP Guards is designed to work on all string instruments and includes 1 each for small, medium and jumbo fret slot sizes. The ideal width lets you work up and down any fretboard whether a guitar, bass or even a ukulele.

Some of the features of these fretboard guards include contouring to all fretboards, high quality stainless steel construction, an innovative curved angle that lays flat on the fingerboard, and an ergonomic handle that keeps your fingers from getting in the way. If you're looking for a way to make fret work easier and more efficient, these GRIP Guards from Music Nomad might be just what you need.