MIDI Solutions R8 8-output MIDI Controlled Relay Array

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MIDI Solutions R8 8-output MIDI Controlled Relay Array, 1U Rackmountable 8-channel Standalone MIDI Relay Array

Awesome 8-channel MIDI Relay

Awesome 1-in/8-out MIDI relay array!

The MIDI Solutions R8 MIDI relay array is a fast, easy, and low-tech way to trigger non-MIDI devices via MIDI. Just plug the MIDI output of your keyboard, foot controller, or whatever MIDI-driven gear you're running into the R8's input. After a little set up you can trigger non-MIDI devices from your MIDI controller. Change amp channels, turn on and off effects units, and more. Any device that you can trigger via a 1/4" input can be triggered with the R8 relay array. And since it's even powered by MIDI, you don't have to lug around batteries or a power supply to use your MIDI Solutions R8 MIDI relay array.

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Since 1992, MIDI Solutions has been offering creative musicians like you the MIDI tools they need to make the most of their music gear. Ask any seasoned keyboard or high-level guitar tech, and they'll tell your that MIDI Solutions modules are the lynch pins of the live performance world. You just wouldn't believe how many complex MIDI rigs are currently being held together by simple, effective, and road-tested MIDI Solutions boxes. When you need highly flexible yet delightfully affordable MIDI routing tools, you can trust the MIDI Solutions gear you'll find at Industrie Music.

MIDI Solutions R8 MIDI-Controlled Relay Array Features:

  • The perfect way to split 1 MIDI source to 8 destinations
  • 1 x MIDI in port, 1 x MIDI thru port, 8 x 1/4" relays
  • An easy and affordable solution to your MIDI relay issues
  • Rackmountable chassis takes up only a single rack unit
  • MIDI-powered operation means you don't have to fuss with batteries or power supplies
  • MIDI indicator LED provides visual feedback of data throughput
  • Built from rugged metal to withstand serious live use
MIDI Relay Rack
8 x Relay out, MIDI 1 x 1
In, Out/Thru
8 x 1/4" (relay)
Powered via MIDI input (5V MIDI devices)
4.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number: