Martin Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core Silk & Phosphor Custom Guitar String Set (11-47)

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These Silk & Phosphor acoustic guitar strings are made with bronzed steel core wire wrapped with a silk-nylon and then finished with phosphor bronze wrap. This design results in a sweet and melodic string with remarkable playability at any fret position.

The high-quality bronzed stee round core wire has high tensile strength to give these strings increased durability, allowing you to stay in tune and play longer. The round core wire and custom gauging also reduces finger fatigue and permits quicker transitions from string to string. Users of the Flexible Core sets will note the increased sustain, brilliant attack and cleaner harmonic overtones.

Our Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core strings feel soft to the touch, making them ideal for beginners. But don't be fooled by comfort! Just ask Tommy Emmanuel who performs with our Flexible Core strings night after night.

With Martin Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core, you get total flexibility and total control.

Set: MA130FX
Gauge: Custom 11-13-23-28-38-47
Tension: 128
Package: 6 strings

UPC/EAN 729789580533
Brand Martin
Type Acoustic Guitar Strings
Series Martin Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core
String Gauge 11-47