Gravity Stands FDSEAT1 Round Musicians Stool Foldable Adjustable Height

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Gravity FDSEAT1 Round Musicians Stool Foldable Adjustable Height

For musicians, long rehearsals or recording sessions usually mean sitting for hours on end. Whether playing the drums or other instruments. A flexible and comfortable seat provides more endurance and a better atmosphere for everyone.

The FD SEAT 1 from Gravity is a round musician's chair for universal use: In the studio, on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home practicing. For drummers, guitarists, bassists, pianists, strings or wind instruments. It boasts special characteristics typical of Gravity. On the one hand, the functionality of the seat: In contrast to most current models from other manufacturers, it is not only made of leather/ imitation leather or fabric, but of a mix of materials. This ensures that the seat surface is breathable at the right places, significantly increasing comfort. In addition, this mix gives the FD SEAT 1 an unmistakable and appealing design that sets it apart from the crowd.

A second highlight is the ingenious height adjustment: It is based on a threaded rod, but with a certain twist. For fine adjustment, simply loosen the locking screw and turn the seat in the appropriate direction. For larger height adjustments, however, the seat surface can simply be pulled up or down and then tightened with the knurled nut. This saves time and nerves! And thirdly, the Gravity chair has a particularly sturdy leg construction made entirely of metal. The legs are double-braced and the feet are large enough to ensure stability and reliability.

Product type:
Benches and Seats
Musicians Chair Round
Stand material:
Die-cast aluminium, Steel, Zinc die-cast
Stand surface:
Powder coated
Seat diameter:
330 mm
Seat material:
Fabric, foam, Imitation leather
Height adjustment:
Threaded rod with lock nut
Control circuit Diameter:
520 mm
Min. height:
560 mm
Max. height:
800 mm
Max. load capacity:
100 kg
Seat colour:
4,8 kg