Welcome to our extensive collection of ensembles, a category filled with an array of musical options for various combinations of instruments. This category offers a range of ensemble arrangements, sets, and publications that cater to the diverse needs of musicians and performers.

Within our ensembles category, you will discover a wide selection of musical scores and arrangements suitable for different instruments, including violins, violas, cellos, basses, piano, and more. From classical compositions to contemporary pieces, each product in this category has been thoughtfully curated to provide musicians with versatile and engaging materials for their performances.

Explore arrangements like the Alfred Music Twinkle Variations Festival Arrangement, which has been specifically arranged for violins, violas, cellos, basses, and piano. Immerse yourself in the rich harmonies and melodic intricacies of the Lengnick String Quartet No. 2 in Db Major Op. 15 set of parts, or experience the captivating blend of two violins and piano with Alphonse Leduc's Sonatine for Two Violins and Piano H198.

For those seeking a unique and collaborative musical experience, our ensembles category also offers a range of duets, trios, and quartets. Engage in the vibrant interplay between two violins and basso continuo with the Schott Music Trio Sonata Op. 3 No. 1, or delve into the expressive melodies of the Barenreiter Duets for Violin and Viola K 423, 424. Expand your stylistic horizons with Barenreiter's selection of roots of jazz compositions for violin and violoncello, or explore the timeless beauty of violin classics for two violins.

Within our ensembles category, we also provide themed collections, perfect for seasonal performances or specific genres. Discover the enchanting sounds of Barenreiter's Christmas Hits for 2 Cellos or immerse yourself in the serenity of Beautiful Adagios with nine pieces arranged for two violins.

Whether you are a solo musician seeking the pleasure of ensemble playing or a group looking to broaden your repertoire, our collection of ensembles offers a diverse range of musical choices. With its extensive selection of scores, arrangements, and sets, this category invites you to explore, collaborate, and experience the joy of making music together. Embrace the harmonies, rhythms, and musical connections that ensembles offer with our carefully curated selection of products.