Stage & Screen

Stage & Screen: A Comprehensive Collection for Performers and Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Stage & Screen category, where you will find an extensive range of products designed specifically for actors, singers, directors, and theater lovers alike. This category offers a diverse selection of books, CDs, and scripts, covering a wide array of topics related to the stage and screen.

One of the highlights of this category is the Edition Peters Thank You That's All We Need For Today Book/CD. This valuable resource provides performers with a collection of audition songs and exercises, perfect for honing their skills and impressing casting directors. The Gia Publications The I Theatrics Method is another gem, offering a quintessential guide to creating high-quality musical theater programs that will captivate audiences.

For aspiring actors and speakers looking to perfect their accents, the Limelight Editions Teach Yourself Accents series provides handbooks for mastering accents from the British Isles, North America, and Europe. With these books, young actors can confidently portray a wide range of characters with authenticity and precision.

This category also features librettos, such as the South Pacific Book & Libretto, allowing theater enthusiasts to delve deeper into the stories behind their favorite musicals. For those eager to expand their knowledge of Broadway, the Broadway Musicals Show By Show 8th Edition offers a comprehensive overview of the history and evolution of Broadway musicals.

Additionally, this category includes valuable resources for performers, such as the Applause Books collection. These books cover a wide range of topics, from monologue preparation and audition techniques, as seen in The Monologue Workshop and A Performer Prepares, to insightful analyses of the American musical theater genre in The Musical: A Look at the American Musical Theater.

Furthermore, the Applause Books collection encompasses trivia books, such as The Great Movie Musical Trivia Book, and thought-provoking texts like The End of Acting: A Radical View, encouraging actors and theater enthusiasts to challenge traditional notions of performance.

With its vast selection of resources, Stage & Screen is a captivating category that offers something for everyone involved in the world of theater and film. Whether you are an aspiring performer or a dedicated fan, this category is sure to inspire and elevate your love for the stage and screen.