The Composition category is a treasure trove for musicians and aspiring composers looking to deepen their understanding of music theory, expand their composition skills, and explore a wide range of musical works from renowned composers. Whether you are a professional performer, an enthusiastic rookie, or an experienced composer searching for inspiration, this category offers a diverse collection of resources to enhance your creativity and musical abilities.

One of the featured products in this category is the Edition Peters Bach Cantatas Index For Performers. This index provides performers with a comprehensive guide to Johann Sebastian Bach's cantatas, allowing them to easily locate and study these masterpieces. Additionally, the Schott Music The Pop Composer's Handbook offers valuable insights and practical advice for contemporary composers, helping them navigate the world of popular music composition.

For those interested in honing their composition skills, the Course in Theory & Practice of Harmony series is a must-have. Divided into multiple parts, this course delves into the fundamentals of harmony, providing clear explanations and exercises to reinforce learning. Similarly, the Faber Music Getting Started with Composition book serves as a practical guide for beginners, delivering step-by-step instructions and exercises to develop their composition techniques.

The category also includes resources for composers seeking inspiration and exploring different musical forms. The Treatise on Musical Form book examines various forms used in classical music, offering in-depth analysis and examples. Moreover, the Thematic Index of Sonatas provides a comprehensive catalog of sonatas, aiding composers in finding inspiration and studying different compositional approaches.

This category caters not only to composers but also to performers and music enthusiasts looking to expand their repertoire. The Edition Peters Organ Works of Bach and the Supplementary Volume to Debussy Piano Works offer sheet music collections for organists and pianists, respectively, ensuring a rich exploration of these esteemed composers' works.

With a wide array of books, indexes, and sheet music collections, the Composition category offers something for every musician, from the ambitious beginner to the seasoned professional. Whether you are looking to refine your composition skills, delve into the works of renowned composers, or expand your musical knowledge, this category is filled with valuable resources to enhance your musical journey. Discover new techniques, explore musical forms, and reach new heights of creativity with the Composition category.