Single Guitar Strings

Single guitar strings are a crucial component of any guitarist's arsenal. Whether you are a professional musician or just starting out, having access to high-quality individual strings allows you to achieve the perfect sound and maintain the longevity of your instrument.

In this category, you will find a wide range of single guitar strings from the renowned brand Thomastik. Thomastik is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to producing strings that deliver exceptional tone and durability.

For acoustic bass guitarists, the Thomastik Single .086 Acoustic Bass String is an excellent choice. This string offers a balanced and warm tone, perfect for creating a deep and resonating sound. If you prefer a heavier gauge, the Thomastik AC019, AC027, and AC030 Plectrum Single Strings are designed specifically for a heavier playing style, providing enhanced projection and volume.

Electric bass guitarists can enjoy the Thomastik JF34056 Electric Bass Guitar Single .56 String. With its 34" scale length, this string delivers superior tone and excellent playability. Additionally, the Thomastik JF34070 Flatwound Bass Guitar Single .70 String is perfect for those seeking a smooth and mellow sound.

If you are a jazz guitarist, the Thomastik Jazz Series offers a range of options to suit your playing style. The Nickel Flatwound strings, such as the Jazz .018, .019, .020, .023, .025, .027, and .028, provide a warm and vintage tone, ideal for jazz and blues genres. The thicker gauge Thomastik Jazz .035 string offers more projection and a well-rounded sound.

For a true jazz swing sound, the Thomastik JS39 .039 Jazz Swing Single Electric Flatwound String is a top choice. This string ensures excellent intonation and a rich, full-bodied tone that will make your jazz improvisations shine.

Lastly, the Thomastik Classic S Series offers single strings such as the Classic S Single A and Classic S Single E that are renowned for their elegant and clear sound. These strings are ideal for classical guitarists or those who favor a traditional and refined tone.

Whether you are a bassist or guitarist, exploring the Thomastik line of single guitar strings will undoubtedly enhance your playing experience. Each string has been meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional tone, durability, and outstanding performance. Discover the perfect string for your instrument and take your playing to new heights with Thomastik Single Guitar Strings.