Footswitch & Selector Pedals

The Footswitch & Selector Pedals category offers a wide range of products designed to enhance and streamline the performance and control of musical instruments and equipment. Whether you are a professional musician, a studio engineer, or a live performer, these pedals are essential tools to add versatility, convenience, and precision to your setup.

Boss, a trusted name in the music industry, offers a selection of footswitch and selector pedals that are built to withstand the rigors of professional use. The Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector A/B Switch is a compact yet powerful device that allows you to switch between two inputs or outputs with ease. The Boss ES-5 and ES-8 Effects Switching Systems take it up a notch by providing programmable options for controlling multiple pedals and effects, giving you complete control over your sound.

AirTurn is another well-known brand in this category, offering wireless and Bluetooth-enabled footswitch and controller pedals. The AirTurn ATFS2 Silent Pedal provides a silent and responsive switching experience for those moments when noise matters. Meanwhile, the AirTurn BT500S series offers versatile and portable footswitches with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control various devices and software with ease.

In addition to footswitches and selectors, this category also includes accessories that complement and enhance their functionality. The AirTurn Telescoping Boom and Side Mount Clamp provide flexible mounting options for your pedals, while the AirTurn Manos Universal Tablet Holder securely holds your tablet for easy access to sheet music, lyrics, or other digital resources during performances.

MIDI Solutions F8 8-input MIDI Footswitch Controller offers a solution for musicians who require precise and customizable control over MIDI devices. With its multiple inputs and programmable options, this footswitch controller gives you the ability to trigger MIDI events and switch between different settings effortlessly.

Overall, the Footswitch & Selector Pedals category is a must-explore for musicians, both professional and amateur, seeking to elevate their performance and control. With a range of options from trusted brands like Boss, AirTurn, and MIDI Solutions, you can find the perfect footswitch or selector pedal to enhance your musical setup and take your playing experience to new heights.