Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz Pedals

The Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz Pedals category offers a wide range of effects pedals that are designed to add character, clarity, and intensity to your guitar tone. Whether you prefer a smooth overdriven sound, a heavy metal distortion, or a vintage fuzz tone, this category has something to offer for every guitarist.

One of the popular products in this category is the Boss MT-2W Waza Craft Metal Zone Distortion Pedal. It delivers the iconic metal distortion tones that have defined countless heavy metal songs. It offers a wide range of EQ options, allowing you to shape your tone to perfection.

For those who are looking for a bluesy sound, the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal is a great choice. It offers a warm and smooth overdrive that is perfect for blues and rock styles. The BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Pedal is an enhanced version of this pedal, offering even more versatility and tonal options.

If you're a fan of heavy metal, the Boss HM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal is a must-have. It provides the classic '80s metal sound with its aggressive distortion and advanced EQ controls.

The category also offers fuzz pedals for those who want to add a touch of vintage warmth and sustain to their tone. The Boss FZ-1W Waza Craft Fuzz Pedal and Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal are both great options for achieving that iconic '60s and '70s fuzz sound.

In addition to these Boss pedals, there are also offerings from other top brands in this category. Mad Professor Supreme Pedal, Super Black, and Sweet Honey Overdrive are all popular choices for guitarists looking for high-quality distortion, overdrive, and boost pedals.

Overall, the Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz Pedals category is perfect for guitarists who want to take their tone to the next level. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect pedal to suit your playing style and genre preferences.