Guitar Amp Heads

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Welcome to Industrie Music's Guitar Amp Heads category, where we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect electric guitar amplifier head to suit your musical needs. Whether you crave the raw power and exceptional gain of an EVH 5150 III, the compact convenience of an Orange Tiny Terror, or the unparalleled versatility of a Kemper Profiler PowerHead, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

Within our Guitar Amp Heads category, you can explore a wide range of exceptional products that cater to various tonal preferences. If you desire a balance of power and control, consider the Boss Katana Head MkII 100-watt Guitar Amp Head. Its remarkable versatility allows you to shape your sound with precision, making it an ideal choice for any gigging musician.

For those seeking the distinctive tones reminiscent of legendary Dumble amplifiers, the VHT Dumble-Style 50W Hand-Wired Tube Head with Overdrive offers an exquisite combination of warmth and richness. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this amp head captures the essence of the renowned Dumble amplifiers loved by many professional guitarists.

If you prefer the classic tube sound in a compact package, the VHT i-16 Combo Valve Guitar Amp 16w is a fantastic option. With its authentic tube-driven tone and convenient built-in effects, this amp head lets you unlock a world of sonic possibilities while maintaining portability.

For players who desire both power and versatility, the VHT Special 12/20 12W/20W Hand-Wired Tube Guitar Amp Head offers two distinct wattage settings to accommodate any performance environment. Its hand-wired construction ensures unbeatable reliability and superior tone, making it an excellent choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Additionally, our Guitar Amp Heads category boasts the VHT Special 6 - Head and the VHT Special 6 Ultra - Head, both of which deliver exceptional tube-driven experience in compact and affordable packages.

Industrie Music is passionate about matching musicians with the electric guitar amplifier head that suits their unique style and preferences. With our extensive selection and knowledgeable staff, we strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience that helps you find the perfect amplifier head to unleash your musical potential. Explore our Guitar Amp Heads category today and discover the sound you've been searching for.