Guitar Amp Accessories

Guitar Amp Accessories are essential for any guitarist who owns an electric or acoustic guitar amplifier. These accessories are designed to provide protection, replacement parts, and tonal enhancements for your beloved amplifier. At Industrie Music, we understand the importance of having all the necessary accessories to keep your amp in top shape and ensure that you can continue playing at your best.

Whether you are a gigging musician or a studio enthusiast, having the right accessories for your guitar amplifier is crucial. One of the key products in this category is the variety of amp covers available. We offer covers from top brands like Boss, specifically designed to fit various amp models such as the Acoustic Singer Live / Live LT, Acoustic Singer Pro, Katana Head, Katana 100 Combo, Katana 100/212, Katana-Artist, and Katana-50. These covers are essential for protecting your amplifier from dust, dirt, scratches, and other elements that can affect its performance and longevity.

In addition to amp covers, we also stock other essential accessories like carrying cases and tube expanders. The Boss Waza-Air Carrying Case is designed to protect and transport the Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System. This case provides secure storage and effortless portability for your Waza-Air system. Another must-have accessory is the Boss WAZA-TAE Tube Amp Expander, which allows you to maximize your tube amp's potential by providing speaker cabinet simulation, direct recording capabilities, and advanced sound sculpting features.

To cater to the needs of tube amp enthusiasts, we offer accessories like the VHT ChromeBack 12 Speaker and VHT Special 6 EL84 Adapter. The VHT ChromeBack 12 Speaker is a premium replacement speaker that delivers exceptional tone and clarity, perfect for those seeking to upgrade their existing amplifier. The VHT Special 6 EL84 Adapter allows you to use EL84 power tubes in your VHT Special 6 guitar amplifier, expanding its tonal possibilities.

To ensure that your amplifier is performing optimally, we also provide the VHT Tube Tester 2 - Power Tube Tester. This versatile tool allows you to test your power tubes, ensuring that they are functioning correctly and providing the desired tone.

At Industrie Music, we offer an extensive selection of guitar amp accessories from renowned brands like Boss and VHT. Whether you need protection, replacement parts, or tonal enhancements, our range of products is designed to meet your needs and keep your amplifier sounding its best. Invest in high-quality guitar amp accessories and enjoy playing loud for years to come.