Folk Instruments

Folk Instruments Category Description:

The Folk Instruments category offers a wide range of musical instruments that are deeply rooted in folklore and cultural traditions. These instruments are renowned for their unique sounds and their ability to evoke emotion and tell stories. From ukuleles to concert instruments, this category caters to musicians and enthusiasts who want to explore the rich heritage of folk music.

At Flight, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and innovative instruments that capture the essence of folk music. Our Flight Antonia C and T Concert Ukuleles are crafted with precision, offering exceptional sound and playability. Notable among our offerings is the Flight Auc City Elise Ecklund Signature Concert Ukulele, designed in collaboration with the talented Elise Ecklund, known for her captivating ukulele performances on YouTube.

The Flight Auc33 Cupcake, Fusion, Jungle, Mansion, Orchid, Stardust, and Two Season Concert Ukuleles are perfect choices for musicians looking for versatility and style. These instruments come with a convenient bag, ensuring they are well protected, even when on the move.

Celebrating a milestone, our 10th Anniversary Tenor Ukuleles exemplify our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. The Flight A10 Fm, Mm, Qm, and Sc models offer a range of unique finishes and features that will captivate any musician. Each instrument is thoughtfully designed to enhance both the sound and visual appeal.

For musicians looking for a touch of modernity, our Flight Centurion Gt and Vb solid body electric tenor ukuleles are exceptional choices. These instruments combine traditional craftsmanship with sleek design, allowing players to explore new genres while maintaining the essential folk sound.

Finally, our Flight Duc380 Concert Ukuleles are inspired by nature, with the Amber, Coral, Jade, and Topaz options providing a beautiful and resonant tone. Each ukulele is meticulously constructed to deliver a vibrant sound that captures the essence of folk music.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, our wide range of folk instruments ensures that you can find the perfect instrument to express your musical journey. Experience the rich and captivating world of folk music with Flight Folk Instruments.