Ligatures & Caps

Ligatures & Caps are essential accessories for wind instrumentalists, designed to enhance the performance and protect the mouthpiece of the instrument. This category encompasses a wide range of ligatures and caps specifically crafted for various clarinets and saxophones, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality.

Yamaha, a renowned brand in the world of music instruments and accessories, offers a diverse collection of ligatures and caps tailored for different mouthpieces. Whether you play the Bb, Eb Soprano, Bass clarinet, or saxophones like Alto, Tenor, or Baritone, Yamaha has the right ligature and cap to suit your needs.

The ligature is a critical component that holds the reed securely to the mouthpiece. It plays a vital role in dictating the sound quality and resonance produced by the instrument. Yamaha ligatures are precision-crafted using premium materials to provide a secure grip on the reed while allowing it to vibrate freely. This balance ensures a rich and resonant sound with excellent projection.

In addition to ligatures, Yamaha offers a selection of caps to protect the mouthpiece and reed. The caps provide an added layer of security during transportation and storage, preventing damage to the delicate parts of the instrument. The caps are available in both metal and plastic variants, designed to fit specific mouthpiece models and instrument types.

Yamaha Ligatures & Caps are not just for beginners but are also favored by professional musicians and educators worldwide. The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that Yamaha is known for is evident in every ligature and cap they produce. Musicians can trust that Yamaha products will deliver consistent performance, durability, and longevity.

Whether you are a clarinetist or a saxophonist, investing in high-quality ligatures and caps is crucial to unlocking the full potential of your instrument. Yamaha Ligatures & Caps offer a wide range of options to cater to individual preferences and playing styles. Elevate your playing experience and sound quality with the reliable and exceptional range of ligatures and caps from Yamaha.