Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands provide a stable and secure platform for speakers, ensuring optimal sound quality and performance. This category offers a diverse range of stands designed to meet the needs of both professional musicians and audio enthusiasts.

Gravity Stands is a leading brand in the industry, known for their high-quality and innovative products. The Gravity Stands TSP5212LB Touring Series Steel Speaker Stand with Auto Lockpin is a popular choice among professionals. With its durable construction and auto lockpin mechanism, it provides a reliable and safe support for speakers. The Gravity Stands TMS4322B Touring Series Tripod Mic Stand with Ext Boom is another versatile option, ideal for holding microphones during performances or recording sessions.

For those who require adjustable height, the Gravity Stands TSP2332B Touring Adjustable Speaker Pole is a great solution. With a range of 35 mm to M20 and a maximum height of 1400 mm, it allows users to customize the stand according to their specific requirements. The Gravity Stands SPWMBS30B Tilt & Swivel Wall Mount is perfect for mounting speakers up to 30 kg on walls, providing an alternative to traditional stands.

Gravity Stands also offers stands with additional features to enhance convenience and performance. The SSPWBSET1W White Loudspeaker Stand with Base & Cast Iron Weight Plate and SSPWBSET1 Loudspeaker Stand with Base and Cast Iron Weight Plate come with a sturdy base and weight plate, ensuring stability even in crowded venues. The SS5212BSET1 Set of 2 Steel Speaker Stands with Carrying Bag and SS5211BSET1 Set of 2 Aluminium Speaker Stands with Carrying Bag provide easy transportation and storage options.

In addition to stands, Gravity Stands offers accessories such as the SPVARI®LEG01 Leveling Leg for Loudspeaker and Lighting Stands, which allows users to adjust the height and stability of their setup. The range also includes specific stands for different speaker sizes and heights, like the SP5211W White Speaker Stand, SP5522B Twin Extension Speaker and Lighting Stand, SP5212B Speaker Stand, and SP5211B Speaker Stand.

With their commitment to quality and innovation, Gravity Stands continues to set the standard for speaker stands in the industry. Whether it's for live performances, studio recording, or home audio setups, their range of stands offers reliable support and flexibility for speakers of different shapes and sizes. Choose Gravity Stands for a superior audio experience and peace of mind.