USB Microphones

USB Microphones are a versatile and essential tool for recording audio on-the-go or in a studio setting. These high-quality microphones connect directly to your computer or mobile device via a USB port, eliminating the need for additional audio interfaces or converters. With a wide range of options available, there is a USB microphone to suit every need and budget.

The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone is a popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike. It features a studio-quality condenser capsule and a built-in headphone amplifier, allowing for real-time monitoring of your recordings. The Rode NT-USB Mini USB Condenser Microphone offers a compact and portable design without compromising on sound quality.

For podcasters and broadcasters, the Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone provides excellent vocal clarity and eliminates background noise with its dynamic capsule. It also offers a built-in headphone output for easy monitoring during live broadcasts.

PreSonus Revelator Dynamic USB Microphone with Onboard DSP is designed for content creators and streamers. It features onboard audio processing that enhances vocal clarity, reduces plosive sounds, and adds professional effects to your voice in real-time.

Blue Microphones offers a range of USB microphones with different features and designs. The Snowball USB Mic with Tripod Stand is available in brushed aluminum, gloss black, and textured white options, offering a sleek and stylish look. The Yeti Multi-pattern USB Condenser Microphone is a versatile microphone with four different pickup patterns, making it suitable for a wide range of recording applications.

The MXL Tempo SK USB Condenser Microphone and MXL AC360-Z V2 are perfect choices for conferencing and online meetings. These microphones feature 360-degree pickup patterns, ensuring that everyone in the room is heard clearly. The MXL AC-404-LED and AC-404 Portable USB Boundary Conferencing Microphones offer portable and compact solutions for clear audio during conferencing and recording sessions.

Whether you are a podcaster, musician, gamer, or content creator, USB microphones provide a convenient and high-quality audio recording solution. With a wide selection available, you can find the perfect USB microphone to suit your needs and take your recordings to the next level.

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