Studio Equipment: Elevate Your Sound and Creativity

Dive into the world of professional audio production with our extensive range of studio equipment. Whether you're a seasoned music producer, a budding podcaster, or a passionate sound engineer, our studio category offers top-quality products to help you achieve exceptional audio output and unlock your creative potential.

Capture and refine your sound with our selection of audio interfaces. The Rode AI-1 USB Audio Interface and Rode Complete Studio Kit with NT1 Microphone and AI-1 Audio Interface provide pristine audio reproduction and seamless connectivity to your computer, making them essential tools for recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts with professional studio-grade sound.

For musicians on the go, the Boss MICRO BR BR-80 offers a compact and portable solution. Its multi-track recording capabilities, built-in effects, and intuitive interface enable you to sketch ideas anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly connect MIDI devices with the Boss BT-Dual - Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adapter, and transform your smartphone or tablet into a music production powerhouse.

Enhance your audio playback and training experiences with the Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player and Trainer. Its vast library of backing tracks, built-in effects, and training features make it the ultimate tool for musicians to rehearse, jam, and polish their skills.

To protect your valuable equipment, explore our range of covers. The Rode PG1 Cold Shoe Pistol Grip provides stability and control when using compatible microphones, while the RodeCover Dust Cover and RodeCover Pro Polycarbonate Cover keep your RodeCaster Pro II System and Rodecaster Pro II Podcast Production Console safe from dust, spills, and wear and tear.

Immerse yourself in the sonic landscape with the Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-ear Headphones. Designed for critical listening and comfort, these headphones deliver exceptional audio quality and ensure accurate sound representation for mixing, editing, and mastering.

Experience seamless connectivity and precise control with PreSonus audio interfaces. The Revelator io24 USB-C Audio Interface offers pristine audio capture and versatile routing options, while the Central Station Plus Rackmount Monitor Controller with Remote enables precise control over multiple studio monitors from a central hub. For desktop setups, the Monitor Station V2 Desktop Monitor Controller is an excellent choice.

Amplify your headphone monitoring with the PreSonus HP60 6-channel Headphone Amplifier and HP2 Personal Headphone Amplifier. These devices provide independent volume control and pristine audio quality, perfect for studio recording sessions and live performances.

Achieve professional-grade audio performance with the PreSonus Studio Channel, BlueTube DP V2 2-channel Microphone Preamp, and TubePre V2 Tube Microphone Preamp. These preamps offer warm tube saturation and versatile signal processing options, allowing you to add character and depth to your recordings.

Explore the vast possibilities of audio production with our studio category. With top-of-the-line equipment from trusted brands like Rode and PreSonus, you can unleash your creativity, elevate your sound, and bring your artistic vision to life.