Microphone Accessories

Microphone Accessories: Enhance Your Sound Setup

Complete your audio setup with the perfect microphone accessories from Industrie Music. We understand the needs of musicians, engineers, and producers, which is why we offer a wide range of high-quality accessories that will complement your mic collection and take your sound to the next level.

In our Microphone Accessories category, you will find everything you need to optimize your microphone performance and ensure crystal-clear recordings. Whether you're a professional musician or a passionate recording enthusiast, we have the accessories that will meet your specific requirements. From wireless holders to microphone clips, pop filters to windshields, we've got you covered.

One essential product in this category is the DSL Guitar Strap Wireless Holder in black leather. This stylish accessory allows you to securely attach your wireless microphone system to your guitar strap, giving you the freedom to move and perform without any restrictions. It combines functionality with a sleek design, making it the perfect choice for live performances.

When it comes to microphone clips, our Gravity Stands MSUCLMP Universal Adjustable Microphone Clip is a versatile option that fits most standard-sized microphones. Its adjustable design ensures a snug fit and provides stability during recording or live sessions. Additionally, the Gravity Stands MSTM1B Microphone Table Clamp offers a convenient solution for mounting microphones on tables or desks, perfect for podcasting, conferences, or studio work.

To eliminate unwanted plosives and ensure clear vocal recordings, our range of pop filters and windshields are indispensable. The Rode WSVM, WS-Lav, and WS11 are designed to effectively reduce plosive sounds and protect your microphone from excess moisture. For outdoor or windy environments, the Rode Deluxe Windshield for VideoMic GO II and the Rode DeadWombat artificial fur wind shield for the Blimp are essential accessories that significantly minimize wind noise and ensure optimal sound quality.

Browse through our vast selection of microphone accessories and find the perfect additions to enhance your sound setup. With Industrie Music's commitment to quality and our extensive range of products, you can trust that you will find the right accessories that meet your unique needs. Elevate your recordings and performances with our microphone accessories today.