Martin Magnifico Premium Classical Hard Tension Tie-End String Set (26-43)

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Martin’s premium classical strings are tonally superior to nylon and the proprietary synthetic material emulates gut strings that have been around for centuries. Magnifico strings, developed exclusively with Aquila, offer precise intonation and exceptional tuning stability.

All Nazareth-made nylon guitars and custom produced nylon guitars will be strung with Martin’s Magnifico premium classical strings. Unlike Martin’s standard classical strings, which have a ball-end, Magnifico classical strings will be offered only with the traditional tie-end.

Set: M165
Gauge: Silver Plated /Tie-End 26-32-37-30-36-43
Tension: 102.8 (Hard Tension)
Package: 6 strings

SKU M165
UPC/EAN 729789551564
Brand Martin
Type Classical Guitar Strings
Series Martin Classical Series
String Gauge 26-43