Live Sound

Live Sound:

The Live Sound category offers a wide range of professional equipment and accessories designed to deliver powerful and immersive audio experiences for live performances, concerts, and events. From high-quality loudspeakers and subwoofers to audio mixers and earplugs, these products are essential for achieving exceptional sound quality and ensuring clear and dynamic sound reproduction in any live sound setting.

One of the key products in this category is the PreSonus CDL12P Constant Directivity Loudspeaker. This powerful loudspeaker is designed to provide consistent and uniform sound coverage, thanks to its unique constant directivity horn pattern. Its hybrid design combines the advantages of a point source and line array system, delivering exceptional sound quality and flexibility for both near-field and far-field applications.

For those in need of deep bass impact, the PreSonus AIR18s and AIR15s Powered Subwoofers offer incredible low-frequency performance. With their powerful 1200W amplifiers and high-excursion woofers, these subwoofers deliver tight and punchy bass that adds depth and richness to any live sound setup.

To complete the audio system, PreSonus also offers a range of powered speakers, such as the AIR15 and AIR12, which provide exceptional clarity and coverage. These speakers feature powerful amplifiers and custom-designed drivers that ensure accurate and full-range sound reproduction, making them ideal for both front-of-house and stage monitoring applications.

In addition to the speakers and subwoofers, this category also includes essential accessories like high-fidelity earplugs from Etymotic Research. These earplugs are specifically designed to protect musicians and concert-goers from excessive noise while still maintaining the clarity and fidelity of the music. The ETY-Plugs provide a standard and large fit option, while the ER-20XS and Music Pro models offer advanced features such as interchangeable filters and electronic sound reproduction, allowing users to enjoy their favorite performances at a safe and comfortable volume.

With its diverse range of products, the Live Sound category ensures that audio professionals, musicians, and enthusiasts alike can create memorable live sound experiences with exceptional sound quality, clarity, and coverage. Whether it's a small intimate gathering or a large-scale concert, these products are designed to elevate the audio experience and captivate audiences.